recent projects
We work very closely with our clients to produce engaging and intuitive applications that use interactivity and immersion to meet their goals more efficiently.
MEDEVAC Cabin Configuration Tool
This project provides a high-fidelity MEDEVAC Cabin Configuration Tool and companion virtual reality capability for use in engineering analysis and study of various cabin, medical equipment and patient handling/care options for the UH-60 series MEDEVAC aircraft.

It also facilitates use of the MCCT for other stakeholders in the requirements, operations and training communities.
Virtual Reality Extension
We developed a VR extension for the MCCT that allows full immersion and physical configuration of the environment.

Developed for use with HTC Vive.

C-12U1 System Emulator
This application provides realistic emulation of 11 major aircraft systems and the associated subsystem components for the C-12U1 aircraft.

This application is currently being used to train US Army Fixed Wing pilots.

VR Design Review & Revision
This is a VR application that allows fully immersive design review and revision prior to physical construction. It was designed to greatly improve communication between clients, designers and engineers.

Developed for use with Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.

Aircraft Modification Experiences
We developed several 3D experiences for an aircraft modifications and technology company for display at highly trafficked trade-shows. The experiences included an iPad kiosk paired with a large 3D TV, real-time rendering to overhead LED displays, and Virtual Reality immersion within each of the designed spaces.

All 3D models were created based on drawings and color samples.

Human Factors Engineering
We have worked closely with engineers and researchers to produce several applications focused on Human Factors Engineering. The ability to virtually test, analyze and present complex data in an intuitive visual format provides many advantages over other analysis methods.